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The Reinharts


Hair: Amber from Michael James Hair Studio

Makeup: Alicia (the bride)

Videographer: Leah Thyberg

Dress: David’s bridal

Food: Chipotle...the real MVP 

Everything Else (venue, reception, boat, etc.): Family

the bride and the groomsmen

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Daniel//Portraiture//Baltimore, MD My good friend Daniel a super talented, singer/songwriter, spoken word artist, and I, went out to capture some very expressive and vibrant portraits of him. The foggy day motivated the shoot location, as I was aiming for still a moody, mysterious kind of feel to add to the images. But the fog quickly disappeared and exchanged itself instead for rain. But we made out well regardless. Daniels comfort level in front of the camera was exceptional, and these shots of him very much capture his personality in my opinion. Please enjoy the images, and check Daniels work out for yourself!  



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The Yeagers // 1.7.17 // Sneak Peek Heres a sneak peek, and for Julie a birthday treat, of her and Jacobs beautiful winter wedding at Lovely Lane United Methodist Church!

Happy Birthday Julie! And congrats again to you both on your union! 

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Ope & Cliff // Antelope Valley, CA // Wedding The time has finally come to share some of my favorite wedding photos captured at Cliff and Ope Glovers wedding in Antelope Valley, California. Warning, this beautiful 2 day wedding may make you really wish you were Nigerian, or really wish you could get married again, or to a Nigerian. The traditions, marital ceremonies, family involvement, the enthusiasm of the wedding narrators,  all of the colors that flowed in on lavish garments, and so much more, it was very beautiful to witness and an honor to capture. 

To the Glovers 

Thanks for the amazing opportunity guys, I loved photographing your wedding, like every second of it, especially our time in the desert.. with all of my gear...dressed in all the beginning of August..without a cloud in the sky.. never will I have the chance of being that dumb ever again. I have shot many weddings and have many more to go but your wedding ceremony will always be a favorite!  And Ope a special thanks again, for teaching me how to speak 1 word in Yoruba,  it's actually one of the most used words in my vocabulary.  

Peace and Love 



The Wedding of Cliff & Ope Glover 

Antelope Valley, California



Receptions held at: Chimbole Cultural Center Lancaster, CA


Ope taught me to say "smile" in Yoruba. Which is: Rerin ; pronounced Reh Reeeen


So I guess all thats left to say is... Rerin!



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Travis & Jazmyn // Hampton, Va. // Engagement Session I have to thank my good friends Jazmyn and Travis for allowing me to photograph this wonderful engagement session, which was taken at their alma mater, Hampton University. It was about a 3.5 hr. drive from New Carrollton station where they picked me up from but from Baltimore it would've been like 4.5 hrs. The car ride provided us the opportunity to learn a lot more about each other, and ideally I would rather drive with the clients I work with to an engagement or portrait session, it helps me learn a lot about people and really drive those personalities in my work. So even if your not constantly meeting new people learn about the people you do interact with regularly in the workplace. Anyways, the scenery at HU couldn't have been better, thanks to Jazmyn's timing & planning the campus was virtually empty. The weather on the other hand couldn't have been more unpredictable, as there was a storm brewing almost immediately as we drove into town. By the time we parked and I spotted the 1st location of the two photos below, it started raining lightly, and then pouring. And to make matters worse that was followed by a merciless 93 degree heatwave the rest of the shoot. So in spite of the weather that begged for a re-shoot, nothing in the world seemed able to stop these two lovebirds from enjoying each others loving embrace. And that my friends is the beauty I find in each one of these photographs, that through the storm, the brutal heat, humidity, etc. their teamwork, love, positivity and optimism is what shined brightest. Which in retrospect really allowed my creativity to flourish and grow as a photographer. ‚Äč



So as luck might have it, it started raining as soon as we pulled up to our first location. Despite how much I wanted it, I knew this wasn't going to be one of those soaked couples kissing in the rain shoots. While exciting, that would be a very long uncomfortable ride back to our side of the DMV. By Gods grace the location I spotted to begin the shoot also provided exceptional coverage from the flash flood storm now upon us. Once it started raining I initially felt really bad we drove all this way for nothing. I asked them if they were still wanting to go ahead with the shoot, and they most certainly were. So I put my thinking cap on and made it happen. Problem solving to get the shot, that's the bee's knees for me right there! I love the challenges photography presents itself with, with so much hanging on the balance. The problems to solve most of this session was shooting in the rain, keeping Jazmyn & Travis happy, dry, and hopeful, all the while capturing the shot that at the click of a button or glance at a wall, would bring them back to this precise moment in their love story together. 









 Welp, I thoroughly enjoyed capturing this time in your life, and hope you Hampton Grads all the best!

God bless your future union, Travis and Jazmyn!  




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My First Wedding Anniversary Hey, I have been married for an entire year! If your not impressed you don't know a thing about marriage. My wedding anniversary has been refreshing, sure it wasn't a cruise or a flight out of state to another country, but it was an hour away which is far enough for me. The destination for my beloved and I brought us to the Linganore Winecellar Berrywine Plantation, where we participated in a wine tasting for the very first time, it was really fun and I love almost all "first's" we get to claim. The weather outside was absolutely gorgeous, and we topped off the great weather with a box of fried chicken and some wine we had purchased from the tasting. And then we took a brief nap. My favorite. 

I love that my wife has been so accepting of my photographic dreams, adventures and random ranting about any and everything photography. Thanks for the support babe! :-*  


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Magic Gardens in Philadelphia, PA For my wife's birthday we took a trip to Philly, and on our agenda was an art museum. I had no idea about the photographic opportunity I was in for. What we thought was going to be an art museum turned out to be 1 mans extreme passion and dedication to mosaic mural art and what has been named the Magic Garden.  But Magic had nothing to do with the creation of these amazing works of art, this guy Isaiah Zagar is like an artsy Yoda. There were not many tourists present during our visit, so it was perfect for me. We arrived just about 2 hours before the sun set, and the sunlight bouncing off the glass fragments in the murals gave the site a warm and welcoming glow, that illuminated the thousands of glass bottles. This place is a gem in Philly! 
Exploring Magic Gardens Magic GardensMagic Gardens Magic GardensMagic Gardens Magic GardensMagic Gardens



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